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The King of Ghouls
The King of Ghouls was once a mighty warrior. He belonged to a tribe of raiders who sought to expand their holds, so they began to practice dark magic at the urging of their elders. They made dark pacts with strange beings and ate the flesh of demons hoping to gain their power and knowledge of the underworld. He alone refused to partake of this communion. So while the magics of their land changed his people and blessed them with demonic gifts, the magic changed him in a different way, and even as the spell slew him, he was gifted with undeath.

His kin mocked him, naming him "King of Ghouls" no better than the lesser night spawn which they made sport of. The warrior left his people, and over span of centuries his memories of kin and loved ones faded.

He now wanders, accompanied by ravens whose bitter cries remind him of his loss, as if they could read his thoughts. For when he gazes at the moon and thinks of those nights, when he reaved with his brothers they always respond with the same "Gaw, gaw! gawn! gone! gone! gone!"

  • Concept and Design: Jody Siegel
  • Sculptor: Jody Siegel
  • 32mm to the eye
  • Each figure comes with a round lipped plastic base