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Resin Collection- Ifrit
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Availability: limited
Ifriti are a race of demons whose world intersects with our own in the haunted caves and abandoned temples east of the Blacksands desert. Though appearing very rarely of their own accord, they are often enslaved by sorcerers or bound to the summons of the Asurai, as are all creatures of the desert.

The scalding blood and eternal flames dancing across an ifrit's body leaves its armour cracked and burnt. If you were to touch the blackened plate with your bare hands your flesh would blister and then ignite. The smell of brimstone and burning sulphur emanates from censers carried by the demon at the ends of long chains. The burning air and fumes it exudes are incredibly pleasant to the ifriti who often hang censers and incense burners about their bodies. It is said that in order to summon a fire demon, you must first coax it into your own world by lighting a lamp filled with sulphur oil and chanting the names of all 27 ifrit princes.

This resin miniature comes with three resin bones for your summoning circle, a numbered certificate of authenticity stamped with a wax seal, and a card.

Resin Collection miniatures are hand cast by the sculptor (Jody Siegel) in very limited quantities. Small waves of 25 casts will be released periodically until the limit for the figure has been reached. If the miniature is sold out, you can reserve a copy from the next wave by contacting us.

  • Sculptor: Jody Siegel
  • 54mm to the top of the figure
  • Hand cast in grey resin by the artist
  • Certificate of Authenticity with wax seal printed on ultra fine 32pt stock with red core
  • three resin summoning bones
  • Each figure comes with a resin base and a round lipped plastic base