New Resin Collection Miniatures Now on Kickstarter
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Imbrian Arts is expanding its range of resin miniatures with a collection of undead creatures. Each figure is detailed to sickeningly putrid perfection and oozing character. Check it out!
Check out Beer and D6s
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Get ready for a new mini adventure! Beer and d6s a tabletop drinking game. Take charge of a courageous crew of alcoholic heroes and drunks in an all out tavern brawl where your only means of survival is to drink until the hurting stops!
New Releases!
Online Shop
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Beautiful resin miniatures and highly detailed white metal models are available in our Online Shop.
We're on Instagram!
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Instagram is a great way to share what we're working on with you and a fun way to share what you're working on with us and your followers. You can also win free stuff! Follow us @imbrianarts
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The goal of Imbrian Arts is to expand its range of miniatures into a fantastic skirmish game. Players summon monsters, cast spells, and roll bones in a "summoning circle" to determine the fate of their warriors!
Reserve your copy of the Resin Collection Lich during the holidays at a special price
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The Resin Collection Ifrit are now available in limited quantities. Hurry!
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Drunks are now available in the shop! Fill your tavern with a hoard of angry villagers and then drink them to death!
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The halfling is a sneaky NPC who has no problems hitting below the belt. Guard your jewels!
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What is best in life? The new resin barbarian for Beer and D6s! Now available in our online shop.
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Raise your tankards and salute the first Beer and D6s miniature! The Dwarf hero is now available in resin.
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